“It’s Showtime’s” Ate Girl is never shy to profess her love for her mother

Jacque Gonzaga, or also known as Ate Girl of “It’s Showtime,” made us fall in love with her charms. It was not only that, but she also makes us laugh with her witty banters every afternoon. Her kilig moments with Vice Ganda made us smile for as long as we can remember. Indeed, she’s a precious gem that makes our afternoons a bit brighter everyday.

But in her case, what makes her happy everyday? There could be thousands of possible reasons, but we’re certain her mother is one of them.

Ate Girl has never shied away from professing her deep admiration for her mother on her Instagram account. From her graduation day until the time they finally got themselves their own billboard, she never forgot to pay tribute to her mom.

During her graduation day, she sent her congratulatory message to her father and mother.

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Last January 2017, Jacque penned a heartfelt message to the “woman she loves the most.”

“She’s my best friend. I want to tell her everything because I know deep in my heart that no matter what, this woman will whole heartedly listen to me without judging and will accept me for who I am. I love you, Mommy!”

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Ate Girl not only professed her love for her mother on Instagram, but on the streets as well as they finally got a billboard along Santolan Annapolis!

You might as well want to spot this sometime!

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