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Kyle Secades, the boyfriend of Jane Oineza, gets bodyshaming comments

It was in July 17 when ex-PBB housemates Jane Oineza and Kyle Secades confirmed their relationship publicly. They seem to still be going strong these days. However, their relationship is not without challenges. For instance, Kyle Secades appears to be struggling with his health again.

Since Kyle isn’t active in show business anymore, netizens do not get to see much of him. This is why these recent photos of him surprised his and even Jane’s fans. As much as Kyle still looks handsome, it appears his weight problems have come back. Out of concern, some netizens are asking him to go back to the gym.

You see, the last time most netizens saw Kyle Secades, he was still sporting a pretty fit physique. However, even back then, he had already revealed he struggled with his weight before.

Apparently, he was able to keep it down and maintain a good body by regularly going to the gym. This is the reason why most netizens arrived to the theory that perhaps Kyle stopped going to the gym, hence the sudden weight gain.

While it is nice that most comments on his recent picture come from a place of concern, some other comments weren’t as good.

The surprise is understandable, but some of the comments could have been phrased nicer. For instance, nobody really needed to point out that he looked less handsome and attractive now just because he gained a few pounds.

Still, it became more of a low blow when they started dragging Jane into it, too:

“kaya naman pala pati si Babe ganun narin,” said one commenter.

If these netizens used to watch Kyle in the PBB house, they would know better. At least, they would know how Kyle used to be bullied for his weight. Surely, he’d regain his ideal physique once again, but the hurtful words hurled at him may forever remain.

SOURCE: ABS-CBN News | Showbiz Chika
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