Find out what horrible thing Nico Bolzico did to Solenn Heussaff this time around

If you spend hours on social media like most people do, then odds are a lot of us are in the same boat; we’re definitely in awe of Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico‘s relationship.

These two never fails to entertain us with their hilarious pranks and cooking videos. Remember when Nico filled Solenn’s hairdryer with powder? Yeah… we thought their marriage was over then. Just kidding!

But this time around, Nico might kiss their relationship goodbye as Solenn was seen removing her wedding ring. Why? Because he did something any woman would never forgive.

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So, what terrible thing did he exactly do this time?

He failed to capture Solenn running beside no less than Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth! Who in their right mind could possibly miss that?

The couple was on vacation in Singapore when they decided to hit the gym. Luckily, the dreamy Chris Hemsworth was running in the treadmill beside Solenn. But as the saying goes: “if you didn’t take a picture, it didn’t happen.”

Solenn, who has now turned into a wifezilla, jokingly removed her wedding ring as she said, “No one’s ever gonna know that because my stupid husband…” But Nico immediately stopped her.

No joke, don’t joke with that, put it back,” he warned.

Later that day, Solenn wanted Nico to know that she hasn’t forgiven him yet.

Babe, if one day you run next to Lionel Messi, I’m not gonna take a photo,” she said.

But Nico, being a football fanatic himself said, “Babe, no. Thor is not to you as Messi is to me. He is God to me”.

Could this couple be any less cuter?

Watch the video below:


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