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Solenn Heussaff to critic who questioned her identity: “I am Filipino.”

Based on criticisms of some netizens, siblings Erwan and Solenn Heussaff seem to have confused notions of being a Filipino. While they do try, some of their attempts are really rubbing some people off the wrong way. First, you have Erwan’s seemingly obscure ‘Filipino’ recipes that makes little sense to the ordinary Filipino.

Also, we now have Solenn Heussaff engaged in an online spat with a netizen after the latter pointed something out. Quoting Solenn in an interview with the Philippine Star, the netizen said it was wrong for Solenn to say that half or quarter Filipinos are just as much Filipino as those who are 100 percent Pinoy.

Furthermore, the netizen asserted how Filipino is not a race. He said it isn’t about nationality or blood. Finally, he revealed what being a Filipino really is — apparently, it is a concept, and an identity.

Much as Solenn Heusaff made some really good points that growing up in the Philippines gives her a good perspective on Filipino culture, the netizen again fired back. Hence, he argued back than an “authentic” Filipino is immersed in the culture and history of the Philippines.

In as much as Solenn Heusaff tried to defend her Filipino identity to this critical netizen, he clarified that he isn’t questioning the identity of the actress. As a matter of fact, he was simply correcting her notion that nationality and blood are all it takes for one to be Filipino.

The netizen’s points might be too-hard-to-swallow pills for some, but he does have a point. Maybe the reason why the Heussaff siblings regularly gain the ire of netizens is because they are not that relatable. For instance, when Erwan makes “authentic” Filipino dishes, the man on the street would be the first to disagree there is anything “authentic” in it.


Maybe, just maybe — being Filipino really isn’t about the blood.

SOURCES: Cosmo | Twitter

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