Texan couple was shocked by this waitress’ kindness and generosity

Most of the time, the world feels so incredibly cruel, as if everyone no longer cares. But sometimes, kindness and generosity appears when we least expect it to happen. That is what this Texan couple experienced during a time of calamity.

In August of last year, the United States of America took an immense hit from Hurricane Harvey. This disastrous event ended more than a hundred of lives and caused billions of damages. Thousands of families were forced to leave their homes due to the flooding.

Carlos Sepeda Jr., his wife Tammy and their kids were some of the many who evacuated their house because of the storm. They had to vacate their home in Houston because the flood rose up to their roof. Sad, terrified, and devastated, the family went to Tammy’s mother.

One day, Carlos’ mother-in-law took him and his wife to a restaurant nearby named, Sam’s restaurant. During their meal, the three couldn’t help but chatter about the calamity.

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When the family was about to leave the establishment, a waitress named Mary handed Tammy a note. It turns out that Mary has been listening to their conversation while she was serving them. When the family opened the note, it read, “This isn’t much compared to your loss. Buy you something special. God bless — my prayers are w/u” and to their surprise, a 100 dollar bill (5,000 Php) was folded inside the note. Overwhelmed by the waitress’ kind gesture, the family tried to return the money but she refused. She then offered the couple a table and couple of chairs.

Indeed, their are still a number of good people roaming the planet.


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