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“Walang pinaglihi sa masama”: These young street vendors’ words of wisdom will move you to tears

It was just a normal day for Sam Gold and his two friends to dine in at McDonald’s, until they met a pair of young street vendors inside the fast food chain. It was such a rare sight, given that security guards won’t normally allow them inside. But luckily, the guard inside the fast food chain welcomed them inside, and even talked to them!

While the kids were feasting on their ice creams, Sam randomly asked the kids if his two friends were good people. Sam kept on saying that his friends were not good people, but the kids kept pressing that they truly possess goodness.

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When Sam asked how did they say so, one kid, much to everyone’s surprise, immediately answered:

“Walang pinaglihi [sa] masama.”

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The other one added:

“Lahat tayo masama, pero, dapat walang lamang.”

But that was not the end of the child’s words of wisdom! She also tackled about committing a mistake and the things people shouldn’t do.

“‘Pag may kasalanan ka daw po, dapat ‘wag na daw uulitin, magnanakaw bawal. Tapos mangunguha, bawal din po. Hindi nagpapaalam sa may-ari.”

Watch the heartwarming video below:


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Posted by Sam Gold on Friday, May 25, 2018

Here’s what the netizens had to say about the inspiring kid below:

If any, these young street vendors only deserves all the goodness of the world for being equally good themselves.

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