Jean Garcia’s son Kotaro Shimizu seems have what it takes to join showbiz

Aside from being an actress, Jean Garcia takes pride in being a mother. Now, we’re all familiar with her unica hija Jennica for sure. (Before she became a mother herself, the daughter decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps in showbiz for sometime.) But, did you know that the veteran star has another child who equally has the potential to join showbiz as well? Meet Kotaru Shimizu.

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16-year-old Kotaru is the lesser known kid of the actress and her past boyfriend. Reportedly, the father is a Japanese advertising executive, although the Kapuso star has yet to divulge his name.

Despite having different fathers, Kotaru is quite close with her ate. Later on, her niece Baby Mori became his BFF.

From what we can tell from his social media posts, Jean’s son is an aspiring basketball player. In fact, one of his dreams came true when he watched an NBA game live at the Staples Center. (Thanks to his supportive mom!)

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Aside from his passion for basketball, Kotaru is also famous on Instagram for his dope OOTDs.

This matchy-matchy photo of Kotaru with Jean tells us exactly where he gets his inspo. What a hip mom Jean Garcia is!

Watch the video below:

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