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Anne Curtis denies pregnancy rumors by saying that she’s just chubby

Didn’t your mother ever tell you to stop asking a woman if she’s pregnant if you’re not really sure? Well, some of Anne Curtis‘ fans probably didn’t hear this advice after they bombarded her with pregnancy questions. There have been pictures and tweets that fanned the flame regarding people’s suspicions.

Fashion Pulis posted a picture of Anne Curtis wearing a yellow dress that bulged around her tummy region. Adding to this the viral tweets she made about “craving” some merienda, netizens started asking her if she was pregnant.

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The “Sid and Aya: Not A Love Story” star denied these rumors in the funniest way possible. Anne Curtis dropped a new exercise video on Instagram showing how she does a bleacher sprint. It was unfair how beautiful she looked despite sweating but it did prove that there was no baby bump whatsoever.

Her caption read:

“Only 6 reps but dying. FB reminded me of my best bod 7 years ago ( see IG stories) goal is to lose the 15lbs!! #NotPregnantJustChubsGonna get it!!!!! Time to put the hard work in!”

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Although the “It’s Showtime” host had a perfectly hilarious response suited for these rumors, can’t a girl just indulge because she’s happy and content? After all, she has a chef for a husband!

Watch the video below:

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the story:

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