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Anne Curtis gets the attention of Taiwanese actor Vanness Wu

Anne Curtis is a very pretty woman and everyone in the country knows that. She’s also active in social media so it wouldn’t be surprising if international celebrities find her attractive too. And while she’s happily married to Erwan Heussaff, it wouldn’t hurt to be flattered by compliments given by other famous people. We think Erwan wouldn’t be too angry if it was Vanness Wu that delivered the praise.

Anne channeled her inner Dua Lipa and slayed a look that impressed Vanness Wu. The famous Taiwanese actor known for his role in “Meteor Garden” was definitely a fan of the actress’ ensemble.

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Her caption played with the Dua Lipa’s hit song “New Rules:”

“New Rules. 
1. High waist pants are life to hide Tita Tiyanda. 
2. Umawra as if magaling kang kumanta.
3. Kapit lang Bes. God will do the rest. And I, thank you. Bow.”

The electrifying outfit consisted of a blue halter top and high-slit skirt with matching silver boots. Anne’ hair was gorgeously sleek while her make-up was in between sweet and edgy. Plenty of Filipino viewers couldn’t look away from her beauty and it seems that Vanness can’t too.

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He couldn’t help but comment a fire emoji that conveyed his approval of the outfit choice. As we all know, Vanness is also a lover of fashion and doesn’t shy away from bold pieces. People noticed the attention that the actor gave Anne and the Instagram post blew up!

There’s hasn’t been any news about Anne’s reaction but we’re very sure that she will squeal in delight! It isn’t everyday that you get to be complimented by someone like Vanness Wu.

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