Meryll Soriano answers questions in ‘Fast Talk’ with Boy Abunda

Meryll Soriano hasn’t been seen in show business for quite some time.

Good thing she’s up for an episode of ‘Ipaglaban Mo‘ in ABS-CBN this Saturday.

Because of this, Meryll was invited to be a guest on Boy Abunda‘s late night talk show, “Tonight with Boy Abunda.” There, Meryll Soriano opened up about her life and current preoccupations.

On “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” we learned that Meryll hasn’t been seeing anyone lately. After her breakup with ex-husband Bernard Palanca in 2007, she has yet to find the love of her life.


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But, the actress admits that she is not lonely.

“I’m okay. I mean I haven’t been in a relationship for a long time. So I’m very very okay. That means walang reason to be sad about– or to cry about.”








Meryll Soriano also talked about her only son, Elijah. The actress even said, “Hindi na siya cute, gwapo na siya.”


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Elijah is Meryll’s only son with actor Bernard Palanca.




After the interview, Boy Abunda went on to the segment ‘Fast Talk’, where guests are asked to answer a series of questions within 2 minutes.

The first questions were innocent. She was only asked about her preference between coffee and milk, adobo and sinigang, heartache and toothache, and London and Manila.

But the controversial questions came right up afterwards.

“Namana mo ba ang tapang at katarayan ni Maria?”, asks Boy.

To which she replied with, “Yes!”



Then Boy Abunda asked Meryll one question that shook her:

“Nabigyan ka na ba ng jacket ng tatay mo?”

Boy was referring to her father Willie Revillame.

She replied with a yes, while laughing.


Meryll Soriano also answered more questions about her personal life.


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Becasue of ‘Fast Talk’ we learned that Meryll has 23 tattoos. She likes Kare-kare. She loves her son very much. And she believes that Joel Torre is the greatest actor the Philippines has.



And for the final question, Boy asked Meryll what her message is to the man she will love in the future.

“Oh pano,” she begins.

“Galingan mo, galingan mo! I’m just here,” she said.

Watch the video below:



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