Judy Ann Santos and her children Luna and Lucio enjoys provincial life

Just a couple of days ago, actress and mom Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo shared to her Instagram account a series of adorable video clips of her children having fun in the province.

The two-year-old Luna Agoncolio was strolling beside her mom as they approached the chickens. When Juday asked her where they are headed, Luna charmingly said, “to the quack quack!“, which made the actress giggle.

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When Luna and Judy Ann reached the flock of chickens, the toddler was evidently excited. But with the encouragement of her mom, she stroked the white chicken held by a man. Lucio, her older brother, on the other hand, also did pet the chicken briefly. The two then tried to feed the hens.

In another video, Lucio is seen doing the “Haka” from Netherlands. The dashing young boy was shouting loudly and deeply while imitating the moves of the famous war dance.

Many of Juday’s fans were at awe with the two children and their cuteness.

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Watch as Luna and Lucio adorably played with the chickens here:



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