“Lord of Scent” Joel Cruz is set to have his seventh child soon

While most parents only want a limited number of children in their family, multi-millionaire perfumer Joel Cruz — the owner of Aficionado Perfume — seems to enjoy having numerous children in his family. In truth, the classic mantra “The more, the merrier” perfectly suits the current size of his family.

In an exclusive interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), the “Lord of Scent” revealed an announcement during the birthday party of his one-year-old fraternal twins — Charles and Charlotte. According to him, he will be having his seventh child soon.

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Moreover, he revealed that the gender of his seventh child will be male. In case you’re not aware, he is supposed to have his fourth set of twins. But in the turnout of the event, one of the twins, unfortunately, didn’t make it.

“Itong susunod ay isa lang at lalaki yung kasunod kong anak. Supposed to be kambal din sana gusto ko kaso hindi kumapit yung isa at isa lang yung nabuo. Eight months na siya, one month left lalabas na rin siya.”




Just like his other children, Joel Cruz admitted that the incoming baby boy also shares similar physical features to his other siblings. Based on the result of the sonogram, he has a pointed nose.

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When asked if this will his youngest child, he simply replied “no”. According to him, this incoming child will not be the last.

“No. Hindi pa ito yung last. Meron pa akong planong kambal pa na susunod, pero baka this time, last na talaga yung kambal na yun. Hopefully, mabuo yung huling kambal. Kung sakali, kapag isa lang ang nabuo uli sa huling kambal ko, bale, walo ang anak ko. Pero kapag nabuo ang kambal, magiging nine ang total ng anak ko.”

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Source: Philippine Entertainment Portal 
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