“Mr. Injured” player surprises girlfriend with an on-court marriage proposal

Asking someone for their hand in marriage is an exciting milestone in life. This is why for some people, they want it to be perfect.

Recently, a hard-fought basketball game ended up taking a romantic twist when a fake injury turned into a marriage proposal. Facebook-user Chea Chea got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend Lhear Roque pranked her and got down on one knee to pop the question.

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Chea Chea was only watching her boyfriend’s basketball game when the referee suddenly called for an injury timeout during the start of the third quarter. The next thing that happened, she saw her boyfriend Lhear crumpled to the ground, prompting several of his friends to rush to his side, seemingly to check that he was okay.  So what exactly was going through Chea Chea’s head during that time?

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Worried, she immediately rushed to help her boyfriend. However, her look of worry quickly turned to one of total surprise as Lhear remained on one knee, and pulled out an engagement ring.

Little did Chea Chea knew, while she was busy checking Lhear, other players were also busy making their formation to form the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

The next thing Chea Chea knows, Lhear rises gingerly on one knee and asks for her hand in marriage.

Surprised by the sudden turn of events, Chea Chea can’t help but become emotional. The crowd then cheers as she says ‘yes’. 

The lovely moment caught on camera by the couple’s delighted friends is now hitting social media by storm.

Below is Chea Chea’s Facebook post right after their surprise wedding proposal.

Read some of the comments below:

Watch the video below for more on the couple and their slam-dunk proposal.

Start of 3 rd quarter nag karoon ng foul sa gitna ng court as official we called a injury time out u pala ganito ang mangyyare…

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