Yeng Constantino shares her provincial life in YouTube vlog

Some of us may have forgotten that Yeng Constantino came from a simple life before she became famous. The multi-awarded artist always loved the provincial life and the uncomplicated joys it offers. Plus, she’s kind of required to visit as often as she can because her parents live in the province.

Yeng Constantino treated her fans to a YouTube vlog that covered her stay in the province. We were given two episodes that looked into the life that the singer was used to. Her loyal following also got to meet Aling Susan and Mang Lito, the artist’s charming parents.

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It was a long drive to her family’s farm but as soon as they got there, Yeng’s father greeted them at the gate. The Kapamilya star also showed us the beautiful kubo where they slept in. As soon as a new day dawned, her viewers were treated to amazing views of mountains and the sky.

Yeng also showed off the produce that her family worked hard for. All of them enjoyed the pineapples, calamansi, mangoes, and harvested rice that were picked in their farm.

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Watch the full episodes of Yeng Constantino’s YouTube vlog below:

Amazing views, good food and the people you love in the same place? Count us in!

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