Watch out for the bottled water modus operandi that might get your car stolen

People are always told to be extremely cautious during this day and age. It is difficult to earn a living nowadays so there are those who resort to bad things to survive. We aren’t strangers to stories of theft and sadly, robbers are getting smarter. They are quickly developing new strategies, like using bottled water to fool innocent people out of their belongings.

Amateur thieves would only go for wallets and credit cards but veterans eye bigger prizes. Car owners have to be wary from now on because there’s a new modus in town that can rob you of your vehicle.

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A YouTube channel called Gatinhitoluz demonstrated how a simple bottled water can be used against you. Some robbers would place an empty water container near your tire and wait for you to get in.

Once you drive away, the bottled water is then crushed which makes a strange sound. Of course, your curiosity would lead you to check on what happened. Some would haphazardly leave their car doors open as they check on it because you’re not aware that there are thieves hiding.

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There are people who also leave the keys on the ignition because they would only be gone for a short time. But that would be the golden opportunity that these low lives are waiting for. If they see that the driver seat is empty, someone would run inside and steal the car, leaving a bewildered owner behind.

You might think that this trick isn’t going to get you, But what would happen if you don’t know that there’s a water container placed beside your tire? Aren’t you going to see what made the noise, just to be sure that nothing wrong happened?

Here are some of the netizens’ comments to the story:

Watch how the bottled water strategy is executed in the video below:

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