Disturbing CCTV footage shows four men carrying intoxicated woman before taking advantage of her

A disturbing piece of CCTV footage recently surfaced showing four men carrying an intoxicated woman out of a bar in Thailand before allegedly taking advantage of her and ending her life.

According to the website Metro, the victim was Nong Gift, a 21-year-old woman who was watching the Champions League game with her friends. They were in a bar in Chanthaburi, Thailand, when Nong fell unconscious due to intoxication.

However, Nong’s relatives were claiming that she wasn’t intoxicated at all. Rather, they were alleging that she had been surreptitiously medicated  so that she could be taken advantage of by the four men in the video.




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The men were identified as Nattaphong Saenkraud, 24, Patti Boonthal, 23, Panya Chan Somdee, 18, and Suitsit Jaechim, 24.

The same men said they were going to bring Nong home, but instead, they brought her to a secluded orchard. It was there that they succeeded in having non-consensual carnal knowledge with the intoxicated woman. After they had their fill they reportedly hit her until she was gone.

According to Police Major General Charn Jitjunjun, Nong’s body was found on the same night. The four suspects were then taken into police custody, and they subsequently confessed to the illegal activities they committed.





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The authorities added that the woman’s body was found with foam around her mouth.  Furthermore, there was blood on her nose.

One of Nong’s friends who was with her that same night said she thought the former would be safe because she knew one of the men. Airziz Opachat said her friend did not seem intoxicated when they left her, and that there were still some women who stayed behind with her.





Opachat shared:

“I’m sorry. If we knew that last night was the last time we were together. I will take care of you better. I’m sorry I did not take care of you better.”

As of this writing, police are currently performing an autopsy on Nong’s body to know the exact cause of her to be no longer be living.

Watch the chilling footage here:

Here are some comments from netizens:


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Source: Metro
Photo source: 1 – 2 | 3, 9 – 10 | 4 – 8 | 11 | 12 – 15 channel: Daily Videos

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