Is this how they handle their doughnuts at this well known local doughnut shop?

Thanks to an eagle-eyed netizen, we now know how they store their doughnuts at a well known doughnut shop.

There’s a good reason why staff of food-related stores follow certain hygiene protocols. However, a woman who works from our favorite local store obviously didn’t get the memo. To be fair, she was wearing her uniform, a hairnet, and an apron, as per the management’s orders.

But, you see, it was in her actions where we have a problem.

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In a set of photos shared by a netizen on Facebook, the said woman was caught resting her feet on an open drawer containing a supply of doughnutsCan the manager please show up? We just want to talk.





Of course, thousands of Pinoys in the comments section saw this a spectacle rather than a serious matter.


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Meanwhile, other offended netizens called out the staff for her unhygienic ways.


A netizen also tried to balance the conflict by claiming that the woman was not to sell the doughnuts, but instead bring it home with her.

We wonder what the management of this well known doughnut shop has to say about this. As for the woman, she’d be lucky if she even gets to keep her job after her not-so-proper practice!

Editor’s Note: It could very well be possible that these doughnuts were on their way to be disposed of, however it was still unwise for the employee to do what she did; specifically to avoid PR nightmares like this.

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