Janitress sets up a “Care Closet” for homeless and starving students

As we all know, most janitress earn only a minimum wage or even less if they’re unlucky. However, this never became a hindrance for Carolyn Collins to extend help for those homeless and starving children. According to the report by Newsner, Carolyn is a janitress at Tucker High School in Georgia, U.S.A. Her daily job does not only rotates in cleaning the four corners of the school. Instead, she also helps those students who are in need of help.

As a matter of fact, Carolyn is now being commended for her project called “Care Closet”. Care Closet is a small room filled with school supplies, clothes, and other necessities for children who have nowhere to go.

In an interview, Carolyn explained the story behind her humanitarian project. She narrated that three years ago, she encountered two teenagers who were homeless and starving.

At first, the poor lads were just looking for someone to be their confidant – someone they can share their poor situation. However, something touched Carolyn’s heart which made her came up with the idea of setting up her “Care Closet”

She shared:

“I’m just trying to stop all young boys from stealing and [ending one’s life], cuz a lot of reasons they’re homeless. And they’re crying for help and love. I’m just trying to give them all they need in this closet. So they don’t have to go out and try to steal for no one.”

Carolyn shared that after that life turning encounter, she became more passionate about helping others.

The kind-hearted janitress shared:

“I tell a teacher a lot if you see a child always with the head down with the same clothes on repeatedly day after day you know let me know.”

As expected, the kind and generous janitress is now being lauded online. With this, she admitted that she is extremely delighted.

She said, “I’m doing this for the kids every day. Yah it’s part of my job!”

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