Tonyboy Cojuangco responds to people calling Gretchen Barretto his “kabit,””gold digger”

Due to the questionable content of her viral Instagram video, Gretchen Barretto is receiving so much criticism right now. The clip showed the veteran actress and two other friends seemingly laughing at the plight of a woman seeking financial help. People were very disappointed by this and rained down hellfire.

Some went really low and called Gretchen Barretto mean names. It’s not a secret that her relationship with Tonyboy Cojuangco isn’t the normal kind. The business tycoon is still married to his first wife, Denise Yabut Cojuangco which makes things quite complicated.

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The actress’ haters used this against Gretchen and called her a mistress and a gold digger. However, the actress surprised them by owning the title and not giving a damn about it. In a recent Instagram clip, Gretchen told Tonyboy about the names and he had the perfect response to it!

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As she greeted her partner home, Gretchen said to Tonyboy that her haters were calling her a gold digger and his “kabit.”  Now, instead of being angry, the businessman said:

“Sabi niya, ‘Baba, you did not dig gold. I handed it to you. Can I have it back?’ I said, ‘No way. You have to dig it back!’”

Here are some of the netizens’ comments to the story:

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