Funny yet lovely marriage proposal gains positive reactions from netizens

We’ve witnessed a whole lot of marriage proposals in the virtual world. In fact, we are all aware that the thought of proposing in public might be terrifying to some men. Guys often plan months in advance to make sure their wedding proposal is a memorable one. These guys gather their courage and make elaborate plans just to pop the question to their girlfriends. However, it seems like things backfired for Facebook-user Aljun Casue – but in a good way! On Sunday, he made sure that everything was set up before he asked his girlfriend for her hand in marriage. Before he could find his nerve to present the engagement ring, his partner suspected something was going on.
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Funny as it sounds, Aljun’s future bride already guessed that moment was supposed to be his marriage proposal. After all, she noticed that their companions were holding bouquets of flowers. Moreover, her “ate” let her try on a ring earlier. How obvious, man!

Excited and nervous at the same time, Aljun’s girlfriend was the one who popped the question! When she asked him “will you marry me,” all he could do was laugh at this turnaround.

Aljun took the engagement ring from their companions and got down on one knee. Without further ado, he asked his partner’s hand in marriage.

Unlike other girls who become emotional and speechless in the moment, Aljun’s partner was sure in what she would answer. She immediately answered yes and told his fiance that her decision was really obvious. It’s a good thing she said yes!

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Though the proposal didn’t look as good as Aljun hope, he still heard the three-letter answer that he was longing for. On his viral Facebook post, he happily wrote the caption:

“Finally, She Answered me “Yes” Iloveyou asawa ko”

The funny yet lovely moment caught on camera by the couple’s delighted loved ones is now giving a dosage of “kilig” vibes to the netizens. Read some of their comments below:
Watch the video below for more on the couple and their hilarious marriage proposal.

Finally She Answered me "Yes" Iloveyou asawa koito ang Proposal na Comedy 🤣🤣🤣kakatuwa naman ang Batangeniang Are…🤣🤣🤣Inunahan ako 🤣🤣🤣

Posted by Aljun Casue on Sunday, June 10, 2018



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