Homeless elderly man braves heavy rain, asks Mefenamic from concern netizen

These past few days, Metro Manila and nearby areas experienced heavy rains with strong winds. Under those circumstances, it is heartbreaking to know that there are people who are braving the heavy downpour, simply because they are homeless. Take for example this tear-jerking story of Tatay Pedak who is now hitting social media by storm.

Yesterday, Facebook user Fajilan Nikki Marjorie took to social media to share the poor situation of the old man. In the now-viral photo that she posted online, Tatay Pedak held an old-looking umbrella as he sat down by the sidewalk.

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According to the account of the concerned netizen, she and her husband felt the strong wind and heavy rain around one in the morning. Worried, she went out of their house and checked the condition of the old man. To her surprise, Tatay Pedak became emotional upon seeing her. The old man revealed that he has been praying that she will pay a visit to him. Tatay Pedak then asked a favor if she could buy him a Mefenamic for his rheuma.

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To point out, the netizen shared that Tatay Pedak is shivering due to the cold weather. Because of this, she confessed that she had an emotional breakdown. As she was holding the hands of the old man, she told him to always pray. However, Tatay Pedak simply responded:

Sana kunin na lang ako ni Lord. Sana mamatay na lang ako. Kasi hirap na hirap na ako dito.” 

Up until now, Tatay Pedak is still hoping that his sister Catherine will at least visit him.

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As of writing, the homeless Tatay Pedak’s heartbreaking story already gained 15, 000 reactions, 7, 686 shares, and over 5, 500 comments from the netizens. Read some of their comments below:




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