Meet Oksana Neveselaya, supposedly the “World’s Hottest Math Teacher”

There’s a new girl in town and she is not a model or a celebrity. Meet Oksana Neveselaya, the stunning and gorgeous math teacher who is now making abuzz on various social media platforms. With her angelic face and sultry body, it is not that surprising that she is now captivating lots of men worldwide. Not to mention, her goddess-like beauty and oozing appeal are worth admiring for!

With this in mind, there’s no denying that she is indeed the female counterpart of the “hottest male Math teacher” Pietro Boselli.

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Browsing through her viral photos, you can definitely see why she became an instant online celebrity. With her captivating beauty and svelte figure, many men would surely enroll for her Math class. As a matter of fact, she is not only being admired because of her beauty but also because of her intelligence.

Based on one of her Facebook posts, Oksana said that she wants to “show that sensuality and intelligence go hand in hand”.

The envy-inducing pictures of Oksana are mostly snaps of her at the beach. Yes, fellas, she is a certified beach babe! In fact, photos of her in sultry swimsuit wear are now hitting social media by storm. Many netizens are swooning over her smoking hot Instagram snaps!

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Whether we like it or not, Oksana is now enjoying stardom online. Her stunning photos are now going around various social media platforms and positive feedback from the netizens are continually increasing.

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As expected, people are commenting on how they wish she is their teacher. Or at least, they could go back to school and be her student.

However, as much as we hate to break out to you, it seems like Oksana Neveselaya is already taken. Furthermore, an article by The Sun said that Oksana wasn’t the viral math teacher! In fact, she and the woman seen in the viral classroom video were thought to be the same person. They simply looked similar!



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