YouTubers do a “3AM Challenge” in a haunted, abandoned school

YouTube is filled creative people churning out fresh content every day! These creators know how difficult it is to stay relevant and popular when there are new channels being built every second. A strategy that proved to be effective is the start of certain challenges that these YouTubers accept.

Creators Moe Sargi and OMARGOSHTV were the pioneers of the intense “3AM Challenge.” Instead of the common ones that dare people to eat spicy noodles or inhale a teaspoon of cinnamon, this challenge wants to instigate fear.

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These YouTubers would stay at haunted houses or buildings at the ungodly hour, 3 A.M., to see if there’s such a thing as ghosts. Now, this challenge sounds like a piece of cake but what would you do if monsters were real? Besides, the time 3 A.M. is often called by some cultures as the “witching hour.”

Moe Sargi and his pal are clearly veterans when it comes to these types of content. If you check out their channels, they’ve uploaded dozens of videos where they check out the scariest places in the U.S. For this particular video, the pair searched an abandoned school in New Orleans which is known for their voodoo.

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Some have warned them never to go to the third floor of the building at 3 A.M. It’s believed that due to the number’s significance to the paranormal world, it would be the most haunted. The video’s title alone stirs up our curiosity because what on earth is in that place that could attack these YouTubers.

Watch the intense “3AM Challenge” video below:

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