Anne Curtis to netizen: “Intindihin ‘yung post ko bago ka rat rat ng rat rat dyan”

It is no secret to all of us that Anne Curtis is a huge K-pop fan. If you follow her on her social media accounts, especially on Twitter, you will see a countless number of her posts with her fangirling over a Korean drama or group. And even though she is a celebrity, the actress is just like the rest of the K-pop fans in the world.

Her most recent fangirl moment is her tweeting about Blackpink’s most recent music video “DDU-DU-DDU-DU”. This MV took the internet by storm.

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In her tweet she wrote: “Omg black pink’s new MV is almost the same feels as my concert poster. [REDACTED] of kilig!!!!”

Her post was met with a lot of positive replies from twitter users and other Blackpink fans. While her tweet obviously meant no harm, one netizen took it the wrong way. She thought that Anne Curtis implied that the Blackpink copied her poster.

“Kapal ng mukha mong palabasing kinopyang ng Blackpink yung poster ng concert mo. [REDACTED] of kilig ka pang nalalaman, nyeta ka,”

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Of course, the “Sid and Aya” actress didn’t let the netizen rain on her parade. She explained that she wasn’t accusing the girl group of imitating her concert poster, instead the actress was just gleeful because it had the same “feels.” And by the tone of Anne’s tweet, she was having none of it that day.

“That’s not what I meant. Hindi pa mga lumalabas ung poster ko. So paano ko pwede sabihin na gayahin. I’m just saying kilig kasi ALMOST same feels sa smoke. Get your facts straight first & intindihin ‘yung post ko bago ka rat rat ng rat rat dyan sis. And I, thank you.”

Yasss, queen!

But the hater didn’t stop there, she then accused Anne Curtis of faking being a K-pop fan for publicity. What is their beef with Anne?

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Watch the music video and see the similarities with Anne Curtis’ posters:


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  1. Bago po kasi kayo magreact o magcomment sa mga post intindhn niyo kasing mabuti ung post o kung di nyo naintndhn much better wg n lang kayo magcomment 😂😂😂 ginagawa niyo lang pong kahiya hiya yung sarili niyo tapos nandamay pa ng ibang artista
    Ngviral k hindi sa magndang way kundi sa katangahan sorry pero un ung katotohanan

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