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Kris Aquino wore very expensive diamonds with a price tag that can purchase a condominium

It’s been a while since since Kris Aquino entered her former home, the ABS-CBN compound. We’re not so sure if the separation between the two parties was as smooth as everyone hoped. But it’s no secret that the famous secret has never said anything bad about the network ever since she left.

Apparently, no bridges were burned since Kris Aquino makes her official comeback to Star Cinema. The “Queen of All Media” will star int his movie alongside Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto. And in no time at all, these three celebrities have already developed a great bond.

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The movie titled “I Love You Hater” will be coming to the theaters near you soon. This is why Star Cinema planned a grand press conference welcoming the main stars of the romantic-comedy film. In her usual fashion, Kris Aquino went to the event in style.

ABS-CBN reported how everything in the celebrity’s outfit was handpicked for that special moment. Plus, Kris pulled out all the stops and truly fashioned an ensemble worthy of a queen.

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Were you even surprised that she chose to wear expensive diamond jewelry? Kris confessed that the price tag on her diamonds could already buy a three-bedroom condominium on Rockwell. All of us know how expensive that is.

The Internet sensation also bought glittery Roland Mouret pants that range from PHP 21,000 to PHP 40,000. There was also a black Balmain blazer that costs PHP 71,000! This whole outfit, that Kris personally bought for the occasion, is definitely more expensive than our average annual salaries.

Watch the video below:

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Source: ABS-CBN
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