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A netizen turns an empty massive container into a tiny house

Most people just think of a massive container as a receptacle of colossal materials, in which human can’t single-handedly carry. While this is the preconceived notion, haven’t you ever heard that a massive container can transform itself from a full-blown house?

Recently, a certain social media user named Kent Vogel shared via Facebook about his unusual yet real-life container house. As seen in the now trending images, he posted how he had turned a dilapidated, empty container into a state-of-the-art house.

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At first glance, you could totally see the massive container as a humongous piece of metal scrap.  Moreover, the first thing that will be going to pop up in your mind is “how on earth did he turn it into an adorable house?”

Well, there is really nothing magical nor overly science-y that happened around here. As a matter of fact, it is just a simple product of a collective creativity, unending imagination, and a sprinkle of minimalism and pragmatism.

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Upon following the gradual development of the container house, the uploader has shown us details by details on how he was able to reach the fruition. Through the usual process of building a house, he managed to visualize the drastic changes that will be done.

First, he strengthened the inside of the massive container by scrapping all the visible corrosion. Then, he decided to start putting pieces by pieces the so-called foundation of the container house — timber woods and numerous electric circuits.

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Soon after the installation, he started romanticizing every corner of the rooms by applying the minimalistic design approach — maximizing spaces and utilizing it to its fullest. So, at the end of the gallery, you could totally see the finished product of it.

Source: Facebook | I Tiny Houses
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