Erwan Heussaff and Nico Bolzico went on a run to gather plastic wastes

For decades now, plastic pollution has been a problem for both our lands and seas. So to help fix the problem and shed a light on the alarming issue, “The Fat Kid Inside” creator, Erwan Heussaff decided to do plogging — running while picking up all the plastic litter along the way.

“Nico and I recently went running and picked up some plastic along the way. It’s absolutely everywhere, in our earth, rivers and seas.”

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To gather more trash, he tapped Erwan Heussaff’s close friend and brother-in-law, Nico Bolzico’s shoulder.  In just two kilometers, the boys already amassed two bags full of plastic waste. And after finishing 10 kilometers, they went home holding bags of plastic trash.

Obviously, Nico and I know that this won’t make a massive difference, but what we’re trying to do is to start to start a conversation about this problem.







But Erwan’s newfound advocacy wasn’t just a one time thing or a flash in the pan. The YouTube video he created was in partnership with brands Adidas and Parley. According to Erwan’s post, Adidas will donate a dollar to Parley Plastic Program for every kilometer run. Every run from June 8 to July 8 will count.  Click here to learn more.

Plastic is not the devil, the problem is how we use it and how we dispose of it. Consume consciously, don’t litter, educate people and try to lower your impact on our planet. 







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Watch the videos below.




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