Filipino seaman swims aimlessly for four hours before being rescued

Swimming aimlessly in the ocean without having any vision of land whatsoever is probably on everyone’s list of the worst possible way to perish. But for a Filipino seaman named Loregie Moscoso, that nightmare became a reality.

While he was on duty on unlashing the ship’s cargoes, he accidentally fell. The 23-year-old suffered a big fall to the sea, and in turn caused him to consume tons of saltwater. When he cried for help, none of his co-seamen heard his pleas.

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Soon after, his ship started sailing away.

“The thing that hurts you most is seeing your vessel sail away from you, na walang manlang may naka alam at naka kita na nahulog ka.”

To keep himself afloat, Loregie started taking his coveralls off. A few moments later he realized he has a radio he can use to communicate to his peers, but unfortunately it was in his coveralls. The piece of clothing is now floating way too far from his reach.

With no apparent help coming to his way, the Filipino seaman tried his best to keep afloat. And when the sun started rising, he finally saw a nearby island with boats and yachts at the dock. Since it was his only hope, he started swimming towards it when suddenly, a shark appeared.

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“I saw one huge shark! That was twice bigger than me and that it gets me nervous and scared! It was circling around me.”

Thankfully, it eventually left him in his lonesome.

But before he was even able to reach the dock, a rescue helicopter flew on top of him and a nearby U.S. coast guard boat was vastly approaching. Right then and there, he knew, he was saved.

“Doon na talaga gumaan pakiramdam ko and it was mixed emotions na. All I say is thank you Lord. Like endless of thank you Lord came into my mouth.”

He then received medical attention, since he was so dehydrated from the four hours of endless swimming.

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Many were amazed on how this Filipino seaman was able to survive that long without any flotation device. Read some of the comments below.

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