Kier Legaspi is the ultimate celeb sports enthusiast!

What do we know about actors when they are out of the spotlight? Admittedly, very little. So it came as a shock when we found out that the 45-year-old Kier Legaspi is a sports enthusiast!

Donned as the “Papathlete“, this father’s fondness of sports is beyond admirable. He enjoys running, cycling, tennis, and jiu-jitsu, among others! It’s as if being an actor and a dad isn’t taking much of his time already.

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In one of his Instagram posts, Kier Legaspi admitted that his age did hamper his athleticism. Regardless, he will still continue pursuing sports, especially Tennis.

“I’m not that flexible and agile like 20 years back but definitely I’ll give you a run for your money. Tennis has a very special place in my heart.”



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Kier rose to fame back in early 90’s in the hit variety show “That’s Entertainment.” Since then, he and his brother Zoren, have been in the showbiz industry. It is also where Kier met his baby mama, Marjorie Barreto. The two have a daughter together, 25-year-old Dani Baretto.

This year, Kier plays one of the supporting roles in GMA’s “My Guitar Princess”, alongside Julie Ann San Jose, Gil Cuerva, and Kiko Estrada.










Watch the video below:


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