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Netizen goes viral on Facebook after posting love story

Letting go of the past really requires an ample amount of time and a strong will to forgive. As we all know, mending a broken heart is more than meets the eye — it affects our emotional stability, disorients our sanity, and can sometimes inflict physical torture.

Recently, a certain social media user named Meiko Montefalco shared her love story via Facebook. Moreover, she also narrated how she lost herself in the process and how she eventually found herself in an unexpected way.

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But before she narrated her typical yet swoon-worthy love story, the female netizen first went on a trip down memory lane.

“A year. It has been a year since I became single. And mind you, that was one hell of a year. A year ago, I was miserable. Heart so broke. I was lost. I held a grudge for someone I used to love so much. It was a damn struggle to move on when nothing’s left to you as you have given everything to a person who promised to stay but left you in the end.”

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Despite all the unthinkable suffering — emotional, mental, and physical — she had experienced before, she eventually broke out in the cocoon of hatred and bitterness.

“But still, I made it. I damn made it. I remembered who I am. Started valuing my worth. For short, I moved on and I was able to forgive all the people who have hurt me in the past.”

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Then, one day, the newly-recovered female netizen met the unexpected. In her own narration, she never anticipated that she would meet the person who would teach her how to fall in love again.

As of now, she and her new beau are currently happy with their newly established romance.

In case you want to read the entire love story, you can read it below!









Watch the video below:

Posted by Meiko Montefalco on Monday, June 18, 2018


Source: Facebook
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