Security expert discovers fake skimmer in an ATM in Vienna

Austrian thief chose the wrong ATM to bug, when security expert Benjamin Tedesco found out that one of the ATMs in Vienna has been rigged.

While the tourist Tedesco and his family were enjoying the breathtaking art and architecture around St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the metro station, he went to the nearby ATM to get some cash.

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But being a security expert himself, Tedesco made it a habit to inspect cash machines before any transaction. His being paranoid paid off when he spotted an identical skimmer glued on top of the original skimmer. Noticing that it had a glue mark around it, he tried to pull out the fake skimmer which easily came off.

“Being security paranoid, I repeated my typical habit of checking the card reader with my hand as I have 100s of times… today’s the day when my security awareness paid off.”

The fake skimmer had a magnetic strip reader inside that allows thieves to obtain card’s information.


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In addition to the magnetic strip reader, it has a battery, some sort of switch, and of course the control board with the 4-pin connector,” Tedesco explained.

After his staggering discovery, he immediately notified the European police.

Coincidentally, there was a woman beside him who was about to insert her card on the machine. Tedesco briefly stopped the woman to check the skimmer. Thankfully, it wasn’t rigged.

Tedesco, who is an employee of a cyber security company called “Carbon Black”, also said that he will try his best to reverse engineer the fake skimmer to find out whose credit and debit cards had been stolen.

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