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Do-It-Yourself: How to build your own swimming pool

Have you ever imagined building your own swimming pool using your bare hands and no commercial materials? If so, you might want to check out this Do-It-Yourself YouTube video.

Based on the 13-minute long video tutorial taken from Primitive Survival Tool, you can now single-handedly build your own swimming pool.

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During the first few minutes of the YouTube video, you could see two men coming out from a seemingly itty-bitty, simple wooden house. As soon as the two men came out, they started digging up the soil around the teensy-weensy house.



Although it is quite entertaining yet impressive at the time, you could suggest that this kind of daunting task did not just happen overnight. As stated in the description below the video, the do-it-yourself project took two weeks to finish the piece of work.

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Then, soon after rooting up the surrounding soil in a rectangular perimeter around the house, the two men immediately collected an ample amount of wet clay from a nearby puddle. In order to make the clay firmer, they mixed it with a decent amount of sand.



After reaching the desired consistency of the mixture, the two men started shaping it in rectangular molds. Then, they placed batches of the molded tiles in the fire. In case you’re unaware, this is to even solidify it.

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Putting aside the simple chemistry that happened, the two men began placing the tiles in trench they dug. Then, for the finishing touches, they first added a cute-size wooden arch bridge and grass before adding the much-anticipated water.




Watch the entire video below!


Source: Primitive Survival Tool | Survival Sullivan
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