Facebook user seeks help for a child suffering from glaucoma

A concerned citizen turned to Facebook to seek help for a little girl who is suffering childhood glaucoma. The social media user, whose name is Rachel Figueroa, narrated how she and a couple of other customers in a convenient store encountered a very special girl named Vanessa Rose Esposia.

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As seen on the four-year-old‘s photos and videos, both of her eyes are filled with a grayish-like substance. Although Glaucoma commonly affects older people, it is possible for children to be infected by the disease. This hampers the little girl’s sight.

“Hindi nakakakita si vanessa aninag lang daw po sabi nya.”

Despite her illness, Vanessa is still evidently energetic and happy. She is also very talented in Math, as seen on the Facebook video.

According to Rachel, Vanessa is the eight child among the nine siblings. She and her family lives with their mom in Binondo. But because of their financial incapability, the little girl’s mom couldn’t afford the proper medication she needs.

“Nanghihingi daw po talaga sila ng tulong kasi yung mama daw po nila inaasikaso yung pampaopera at pang gamot ni vanessa.”

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According to the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology, childhood glaucoma can be of three types: Congenital glaucoma, Infantile glaucoma, or Juvenile glaucoma. Based on Vanessa’s baby photos, she either has Congenital or Infantile glaucoma.

As for treatment, children with glaucoma needs to undergo several operations to drain the fluid in their eyes. If left untreated, the child can lose permanently her sight.

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Watch the videos below:

Posted by Rachel Figueroa on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Posted by Rachel Figueroa on Wednesday, June 20, 2018


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