Famous celebrity friends whose friendships didn’t stand the test of time

As we grow older and become more mature, it pains us to realize that there are friendships that don’t survive. It’s inevitable that we will lose some of the people we met throughout the years. This can be caused by lack of time, different principles in life, or a painful argument. Surprisingly, celebrity friends also experience this kinds of falling out.

Check out the list of famous celebrity friends whose friendship didn’t stand the test of time:

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1. Shaina Magadayao and Bea Alonzo – It’s upsetting to realize that these powerhouses chose to let their friendship end. There are a lot of pictures showing how close they were but an undisclosed conflict tore them apart.

2. Miles Ocampo and Kathryn Bernardo – These “Goin’ Bulilit” alumni go way back but Kathryn’s career success seemed to have pulled them apart. Rumors regarding their fallout have penetrated local media but the pair denies any bad blood.

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3. Ellen Adarna and Gwen Zamora – We were glad to see a strong bond blossom between two insanely beautiful women. Sadly, love got in the way. Their friendship deteriorated when Ellen dated Gwen’s ex-boyfriend, Raymund Romualdez.

4. Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador – We all know how this story went down. Coming from a devastating split with then-boyfriend Gerald Anderson, Kim was shocked to hear that her closest friend was already her ex’s new girl. It took a while but the “DOTGA” actress shared that she’s almost forgiven Maja for it.

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