“Gasoline Boy” shares his inspiring story on Facebook

Nothing can hinder a person, who has massive dreams, from achieving their aspirations in life. As what Coco Chanel, world-renowned fashion icon, and legend, once said: If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”  Just like the striking yet true-to-life mantra stated above, a former gasoline boy turned teacher named Warry Bregente Marata seemed to have lived up to this old maxim. In case you’re curious, here is the reason below!

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Based on the lengthy narrative taken from his social media, the proud fresh college graduate revealed how he started from the bottom until he reached the top of the game. According to him, juggling his time between academics and part-time work was really a daunting task.

“Sa loob ng apat na taon ko sa kolehiyo ay naging mahirap para sa akin ang pagsabayin ang pag-aaral at pagta-trabaho.”

He, then, described the usual set-up of his situation whenever he attended his classes.

“Mga pagkakataon na sobrang antok sa klase, Mga hikab na malalalim na hindi ko pinapakita sa aking mga propesor at kung kaya makasingit ay power nap ay sapat na.”

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But despite all his self-sacrifices just to finish his tertiary education, he admitted that all of these were not enough. According to him, there were numerous instances in his life that he needed to borrow money from his boss.

“Kagaya ng isang natural na mag-aaral ay naging suki rin ako sa study now, pay later. Nangungutang ako sa aking boss para maipanghulog at makakuha ng exam, pipila para rin sa promisory note.”

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In the end, the diligent man withstands all the adversities in his life. He is proud to say that he is a “working student”, “gasoline boy” and an “elementary education degree holder.”

Netizens, on the other hand, lauded him for his inspiring narrative.


In case you want to know the entire success story, you can read it below:

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