Isabel Oli and John Prats are expecting their second child!

Celebrity couple Isabel Oli and John Prats‘ family is about to get bigger.

What was supposed to be an ordinary Father’s Day dinner at the Prats’ residence turned out to be a surprise for their relatives. The couple thought that it was the perfect time to reveal their “secret”. They’re having their second child!

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On Isabel’s Instagram account, the actress shared a video teaser of their baby’s gender reveal. Even though the gender of their baby is no longer a secret to their families, it is still unknown to most of us since the couple hasn’t posted the video yet on their YouTube account, Pratty TV.

Isabel Oli and John Prats became an item five years ago and have tied the knot twice three years ago. Months after their wedding ceremony, Isabel got pregnant with their first child, Lily Feather.

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Now that Lily has just turned two last April, who will be her playmate? A baby sister or a baby brother? I guess we have to wait to find out.

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Watch the video below:


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