Did Kris Aquino really wore a 10 million peso-worth outfit?

After Kris Aquino‘s press conference video went viral, we are left with a staggering question: “How much is her outfit really?”

The Queen of All Media did gave us a hint by saying that her jewelries can buy a condo unit, but what about the rest of her clothes? Well, the wait is over. A Facebook user did a quick research on the price tags of her famous black ensemble.

The following amounts will surely make your mouths drop, so make sure to not get so surprised, okay?

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First up is her black wool blazer from Balmain. As seen on it’s website, Kris is wearing a 2,795 dollar or 150,000 peso-worth jacket. My oh my.

Up next is her limited edition Roland Mouret “Ailish” sequined mesh wide-leg pants. It’s cost? 2,240 dollars or 120,000 pesos. Her top and bottoms alone can already put a student through a private university!

Her Alaïa cut-out suede and metallic leather platform sandals costs the least among her clothing, costing 1,207.50 dollars or 64,500 pesos.

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If you think that the items above are insanely expensive, wait to know the prices of her jewelries.

Her pink-gold Ballon Bleu De Cartier watch embellished with diamonds and sapphire probably costs more than what we can earn in a decade, costing 58,500 dollars or around 3.12 million pesos.

Along her ridiculously high-priced watch, Kris also wears two Cartier’s Love bangles that costs 72,800 dollars or 3.9 million pesos combined.

She also wore two more bracelets — single-loop, diamond-studded Juste Un Clou bracelet and Cartier’s double-loop Juste Un Clou bracelet — that costs 33,800 dollars or 1.8 million pesos in total.

Last, but definitely not the least, Kris wore two Tiffany Embrace bands, one having a half circle of round brilliant diamonds while the other had a full circle. Together, the bands cost 13,925 dollars or around 740,000 pesos.

All in all, the 47-year-old host and endorser’s outfit that night costs 9.9 million pesos. Speechless.

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