Vice Ganda allegedly rushed to the hospital

The Kapamilya comedian Vice Ganda was allegedly rushed to the hospital because of a sudden health dilemma.

Based on the narrative taken from an Instagram page “TeamKakanin” and YouTube channel “Sikat Trendz”, the 42-year-old “Unkabogable Star” needed immediate medical attention after suffering stomach cramps.

Apparently the original footage was provided on an Instagram My Day from user thegloriousmakeup, a friend of Vice Ganda.

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As seen in the footage, you can see, who appears to be, Vice Ganda — as what they said — resting in a  seemingly hospital bed. Moreover, you could also see him with a dextrose IV injected in his arms.

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Despite it looking sketchy — at first or at all, there is no denying that the man in the purple hood sweater could be Vice Ganda himself. If you paid attention to the details, there is a strong possibility that this is indeed Vice Ganda.

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Whether this is true or not, all we can do now is wait for Vice Ganda to address this subject matter soon.

Here are the comments of the netizens below:

In case you want to see the footage, you can watch the coverage below:


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