Young boy gets stuck between two pipes for hours until dad comes up with solution

There are times when the only people who can fix a child’s mess are their parents. We all have gotten into some sort of mischief and expected our mother and father to bail us out. Case in point – a young boy from Brazil got himself stuck between two metal pipes. After failing to get out of his predicament, he asks for help from his father.

Arthur Gradine unfortunately played too much and got his head stuck between a pair of tight metal pipes. The young boy’s father, uncle, and grandfather immediately came to the construction site to help Arthur out.

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The three adults spent hours trying to think of a way to get Arthur out of the tight space. They tried to loosen him by pushing the bars apart but to no avail. All of them were getting worried because they couldn’t find a proper solution to the problem.

Arthur’s father, Rodrigo Gardine, tried to force his son’s head out but the pipes wouldn’t give. They even tried to lift the boy’s body, hoping to find a wider gap. However, it came to the point wherein they considered callingl the fire department because it was taking too much time.






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At that moment, Rodrigo had a million-dollar idea. With a smile on his face, Rodrigo pushed the young boy’s thin body through the gap instead of pushing his head out. In one swift motion, Arthur was finally released from the confining hell.

Rodrigo said:

“It took me over two hours to figure out that all our efforts were a waste of time. It was just a matter of physics and a simple solution. Arthur hadn’t entered head first through the bars at all. We had been tackling the problem completely the wrong way. All we had to do was take him out the same way he had gone in. And that meant turning Arthur sideways by the shoulders and slipping him through the bars. It was so basic I’m ashamed to say it took so long, but relieved my son was unharmed.”






Watch the video below:


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