Authorities find missing Gainesville baby who was kidnapped by his mother

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA — A three-week-old baby boy went missing while under the custody of the Department of Children and Families. Reports say that the child has been missing for a week when they found him safe and sound.

The press reported that the baby went missing with his alleged mother Allison Jenkins. The 37-year-old woman underwent a treatment program for illicit substances which led to her child being placed under government custody.

Several news agencies described the baby to be six pounds, two feet tall, and with blue eyes and brown hair. Authorities identified him as Jayce Jenkins. Meanwhile, his mother was described to be 5’3″ with blue eyes and brown hair.

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Alison’s substance problems called for her to undergo treatment. Her condition deemed her incapable of raising her child, so the government took custody of Baby Jayce and separated him from his mother.

The woman took off from the program, bringing her son along with her. Both of them disappeared from the public eye soon afterwards. The public last saw them on Sunday near SW 13th Street in Gainesville.

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The government issued a state-wide alert for the missing mother and child. The news about their absence circulated on both traditional and news media outlets.

A week later, the local sheriff’s office reported that Jayce Jenkin was finally found safe. No further details were given about his rescue.

Meanwhile, many netizens grew concerned with Baby Jayce’s safety. They feared that bad things could happen to the child under his mother’s care. Even his brother pleaded with the public for help in finding his missing brother.

Other citizens away from Gainesville showed support in finding the missing baby. They showered the comments section with thoughts and well-wishes for Baby Jayce. Check out their comments below.

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Source: Newsner | Fox 13
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