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A female passenger shares her experience with a good Grab Taxi diver

Success comes to those who voluntarily dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful, as well as to be happy, it is important for a person to stay down-to-earth and keep on dreaming. Just take a Grab Taxi diver named Johnny Ogay Ong as an example.

Based on the narrative taken from a social media user named Arabelle Felix, the impressed passenger shared via a lengthy Facebook post about her inspiring encounter with this Grab taxi driver.

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While she was sitting in the backseat of the Grab Taxi, the driver suddenly started with an icebreaker. According to her, she didn’t expect what he said to her.

“Alam mo ma’am sa gabi talaga ako bumabyahe!”


Then, she answered him and replied that it must the traffic. However, the driver said something that really struck a nerve towards her.

“Hmm yeah, but actually more of para mahatid ko safely yung mga taong late na umuuwi.”

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According to her, she didn’t anticipate that kind of answer. Moreover, she immediately felt surprised.

“His passion to do service without expecting something in return is gold. He also told me that whenever ibababa na niya yung passenger niya, he usually stay for a while and make sure na nakapasok yung passenger niya safely.”


In addition, the driver said to her that he always makes sure to ensure the safety of his passengers.

“His reason was “ihinatid mo na nalang din, ano ba yung 2 mins na magintay ka.”


In the end, the driver gave her a keychain before she stepped out of the taxi car.

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Here are the comments of the netizens below!


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Source: Facebook 
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