“Hyperactive” graduating student brings life to graduation ceremony

After years of painstakingly tending to your duties as a student, wouldn’t you be ecstatic to finally graduate and bid farewell to your anguishes in school? Clearly, this graduating student was so thrilled to get up onstage during his batch’s commencement exercises – and he even made a spectacle when he finally got a hold of his college diploma.

Tuan Kiet Ngo, referred to as Jerry, recently obtained his Engineering degree in Humber College in Canada. We’ve all seen lots of graduating students making happy dances and flashing arbitrary “acrobatic” skills at the ceremony, and Jerry did exactly just what these alums pulled off.

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Upon setting his foot onstage, he was already dabbing even before the emcee uttered his name. When it was finally his turn, he ultimately owned the spotlight by, yup, showing off his breakdancing skills!

Cheers and laughter towards the hyper graduate then filled the entire arena. He didn’t refrain from his antics even moments before he made his exit, making his fellow graduates and guests root for him even more.

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Suffice to say that Jerry is one comical guy. His Instagram account hints his rib-tickling personality as his name states, “super hyper active Jerry.” For this hilarious grad, he proclaimed himself as the person who “brought life to Humber college in 4 years.”

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Watch Jerry’s rollicking act below.

That’s the spirit, Jerry. And congratulations on graduating!

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