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Watch the Safeguard commercial that highlighted the amazing life of Norman King, the first Aeta to graduate from UP

An interesting trend happening in Philippine television is the creation of tear-jerking commercials. It could’ve started with the viral Jollibee videos but a lot of brands have joined in. The recent entry to this expanding collection came from Safeguard. It revolved around the inspiring life of Norman King, the first Aeta to ever graduate from University of the Philippines.

Norman King overcame substantial hardships to get to where he is today. Apart from the difficulty of maintaining good grades, this brave Aeta had to be genuinely proud of who he is.

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The viral commercial showed Norman’s struggles with accepting who he is since he was a child. He often asked his mother why they had the same color as soil. It was then that we realize that people would frequently bully Norman for being brown and poor.

On many occasions, the young man willingly forgot about his roots. There were moments that he would’ve given up from the pressure of it all. Luckily, he had his mother beside him who became a source of unwavering support.

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Warlita King never forgot to remind her son that he shouldn’t be ashamed of who he is. She made him realize that struggles and sufferings make life more interesting. Plus, people are ultimately inspired by a story that shows how someone persevered through all their trials and achieved something great.

“Alin ang karapat-dapat hangaan? Isang taong madali ang buhay? O isang taong dumaan sa matinding hirap?”



Here are some netizens’ reactions to the video:


Watch the inspiring Safeguard commercial in the video below:

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