Raffy Tulfo handles case of woman cheating on her immobilized partner

People turn to Raffy Tulfo to ask for help with whatever they need — be it legal or financial. Thus, when Kimberly Antonio approached the broadcaster for help, Raffy Tulfo didn’t hesitate to offer his assistance.

In tears, Kim narrated how she rushed her live-in partner, Ryan, to the hospital. Doctors declared him DOA, but the grieving woman pleaded for them to revive him. Fortunately, the doctors successfully saved him, but it resulted in him being permanently incapacitated.

Touched by the sob story, Raffy Tulfo offered to help in financing Ryan’s recovery. Furthermore, he gave Kimberly the money to start up her own business as a vegetable vendor.

Things took a different turn when one day, Ryan’s sister, Manilyn Barde, came to Raffy’s show to report that Kimberly has left Ryan and their one-year-old child. Manilyn angrily shared that Kimberly fled their house without any notice, leaving her child starving for 20 hours.

Kimberly only had this to say.

“Hindi ko na po kaya makisama po sa kanila.”

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On the show, Kimberly revealed her intentions of leaving Ryan because she grew tired of the responsibility of taking care of him. She also said that his family accused her of not bringing Ryan to the hospital immediately.

Manilyn later revealed that the real reason why Kimberly left Ryan was because she was seeing someone else, a man named Franklin. What’s worse is that Franklin is Ryan and Manilyn’s cousin.

Kimberly confirmed the allegations thrown at her.


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Later on, Kimberly admitted that Franklin promised her a better life with his job as a painter. She said that they have been seeing each other for two weeks before she decided to run away.

Furious, Raffy Tulfo had Franklin fired from his job. When he asked Kimberly if she was going to continue seeing his ex-partner’s cousin, she immediately said no.


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Raffy Tulfo’s disappointment did not stop there. When he asked Kimberly about the business he helped her start, the woman admitted that the money was spent on other things and she had to close up shop.

Thankfully, the outspoken broadcaster promised Manilyn that he will continue helping her brother. He then bade Kimberly goodbye and asked them to make amends with Manilyn, but she refused. Manilyn even agreed to hug her, but she remained stone cold.

Many people online were furious at Kimberly. They bombarded the comments section with their opinions.

Watch Kimberly’s story below.

Talaga sigurong walang forever

Talaga sigurong walang forever.Narito ang link para mapanuod ang unang video tungkol sa storya ni Ryan at Kimberly:

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