This story of a man leaving his wife with their six kids will make you cry

Anyone would easily tell you that life is tough. But despite everything, there will always be a silver lining. Such is the case of this wonderful piece of fiction that left its readers in awe and inspiration.

This old story recently caught online readers abuzz for the very the surprising turn of events it showed. It proved that amid hardships, there are people who won’t hesitate to help others.

The story starts with a young woman of six. She woke up one day to her husband leaving her with their children who at that time were only between three months to seven years of age.

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At first, she and her children thought of it as good news because her husband did not treat them very well. She and her children feared to the point where their kids would hide under the covers when they hear their father pulling up in the family’s car.

Later they realized that with the man of the house being gone, there would be no one to bring in money to buy the things they needed. Thankfully, her husband left them their car so she decided to head out with her children and look for a job.

She and her children went around town in search of a job. Unfortunately, every company turned her down despite her begging for them to give her a chance. Finally, she found a job at a diner outside of town. She immediately contracted a homeless teenager to babysit her children while she worked and promised to pay $17 a month.

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The woman felt happy to learn that everything was going on well until she realized that what she was earning wasn’t enough. She worked extra hard but money was still difficult. Many people frequent the diner including musicians who usually played pinball.

Things took a different turn when some of the tires of her car broke. She noticed that someone fixed her car and replaced her broken tires. Without knowing who helped her, she assumed that the people in town were just being kind.

Finally, Christmas came and she still didn’t have enough money to celebrate the holiday with her kids. She worked on Christmas Eve sad and worried that her children wouldn’t enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

However, as she went in her car to go home on Christmas day, she noticed a trunk sitting at the back. Inside were clothes and food all for her children to enjoy. The woman was so engrossed with happiness. It was then she realized that the people who helped her are actually the musician who regularly go to the diner.

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As the story ended it showed that small random acts of kindness positively affect the lives of other people in ways one could only imagine. People share their thoughts online. Here’s what they had to say:

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