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Young OFW couple willingly spent almost PHP 1M for their wedding day

People are taking wedding preparations very seriously nowadays. Young lovers who want their big day to be perfect spare no expense, especially when they want it to be memorable. The price tags that come with the wedding essentials aren’t getting any cheaper. This is the exact reason why an OFW couple had to shell out almost PHP 1M for their special day.

Richard Gomez and his wife, Leslie Huelar, shared with “iJuander” the journey they took to get married. The OFW couple apparently worked in Singapore at the same time and they eventually met through a mutual friend.

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Things were great and it led Richard to propose to his then-girlfriend. While the snow was falling onthe viewing deck that showed Mt. Fuji, the young man knelt down and asked Leslie to marry him. We’re pretty sure that you could all guess what the answer was.

Now, their next journey was to have a wedding. Unlike most couples, Richard and Leslie opted to forego a pre-nuptial video. They wanted to use the money for other things that are more important such as wedding rings.

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Although they chose a simple design, the rings still cost them around PHP 40,000. The wedding dress that Leslie chose also had the same price tag but she looked completely beautiful in it. There’s no doubt that she would be the center of attention during their big day.

Of course, the OFW couple also splurged on hair and makeup artists that made the entourage look like a million bucks. Richard and Leslie swear by wedding coordinators because these people will take a lot of burden off your shoulders. And last but not least, they spared no expense with wedding photographers and videographers because they can make your wedding last a lifetime.






Watch the full video below:

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