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Andi Eigenmann talks about her permanent move to Baler and the decision to live simply

It looks like Andi Eigenmann is really taking the simple life seriously. We’ve all known about the actress’ intentions to have a quieter, slow-paced life with her daughter Ellie. She made it clear that the controversies and the rumors caused by showbiz ushered enough negativity in her life. This made it easier to push through with the decision to move to Baler, Aurora.

Andi Eigenmann shared that she saw herself raising Ellie in this place. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the actress found a family in the province, especially the kids she considered as her “ampons.”

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One of the things that surprised us though is the fact that Andi sold everything she considered as a luxury. You wouldn’t find anything designer or couture in this woman’s closet. Plus, she also decided to let go of house helpers and drivers because Andi felt that it aided in the toxicity that entered her life.

“I went like, full – I sold everything I felt was an idea of luxury that I didn’t need. I don’t own cars, I don’t own designer clothes, bags, lahat ng mga pang-artistang yan. Makeup, lahat yan wala na! “Kahit mga kasama sa bahay, mga yaya, driver, wala na lahat yun. Talagang simple life.”

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Watch the full interview with Andi in the video below:

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the story:

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