Dimples Romana pays tribute to teachers and parents on Instagram

Our teachers left a profound mark on our lives. They help us discover our potential, to achieve our dreams, and they also contribute to what we become as grownups. Kapamilya actress Dimples Romana knows this much, which is why she paid tribute to her teachers — those who taught her so many valuable lessons and acted as her second parents.

Along with a lengthy Instagram post was a snap of the actress’ medallions. She obtained these during her younger years as a student. She narrated that the vaunted display of her accolades suddenly made her nostalgic about her youth.

“I have not seen these for so long. These stand for not only how blessed I have been with teachers who were very patient with me when I was in elementary and high school but also the great influence my parents had on me as a child. How they encouraged me to be a good student who loved learning at a young age and challenging my abilities in Math, Science, Writing and Speech.”

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Dimples also expressed her gratitude to her parents for not neglecting her even though her sister has a condition and was in utmost need of care.

“My sister had leukemia then and my parents were always out with my sister but that didn’t stop them from taking their time to see where I excelled and inspiring me to reach for my full potential.”

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Dimples Romana realized that all the knowledge she acquired in school was of massive use to her now that she’s an adult and a mom of two.

“All of which I get to utilize through my hosting and acting now. Seeing all these moves me to encourage my own children to be the best they can be. Shaping their God given gifts is my top priority.”

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