Exotic blue macaws never miss a chance to go to this apartment’s balcony to get a yummy treat!

Wouldn’t you agree that it makes you feel special if out of everyone in the room, a cute dog goes towards you? You feel warm and fuzzy inside because you know that this animal trusts you. The same feeling was experienced by the people living in an apartment in United States. It turns out that they’ve been visited daily by exotic blue macaws who hang out on their balcony.

These untrained blue macaws never fail to show up at these people’s balcony. The beautiful blue and yellow birds perch on the railings in a neat row and wait for the residents to feed them. A video circulating on the Internet show this amazing interaction.

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At first, the exotic birds can be seen sitting at a huge tree near the apartment building. Then, they would spread their striking blue wings and land on the balcony one by one. These creatures are naturally bred in South America and they are considered to be among the most intelligent bird species.

We can’t deny that the blue macaws are also the most beautiful, judging from the striking colors they have. The birds have blue wings and tails, yellow bodies, black chins, and a hint of green on the top of their heads. They definitely have a fiesta vibe that’s perfect for countries where they come from like Brazil.





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But apart from their beauty, what we like most about the interaction we see on the video is trust. These are birds aren’t bred in captivity so they aren’t used to humans being near them. However, the bread offered was too good to refuse and so, these delightful animals thought it was best to drop by every day.







Watch the video below:


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