Ianne Gamboa shares about her life as a transgender woman

The Philippines is a very conservative country that still observes plenty of traditional beliefs. Since we are predominantly Catholic, there are modern ideas many still can’t grasp yet. The fluidity of gender is one of these concepts that still isn’t widely accepted. This is why members of the LGBT+ community, like Ianne Gamboa, find it hard to live a full life.

This amazing young woman faced so much struggles but still came out on top. Ianne Gamboa is the first ever transgender Magna Cum Laude of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She didn’t allow the ridicule to define who she was and persevered.

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Ever since Ianne was a young boy, she knew that something wasn’t right. Her biological body, and every societal expectation placed upon it, didn’t match whatever she was thinking. The young woman’s family shared how Ianne would always go for dolls and plastic kitchen tools as her go-to toys.

She also exhibited a demure nature which convinced her father and mother that their son was different. But instead of getting angry like most parents do, they wholeheartedly accepted their daughter for who she is.

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There was a time when Ianne was bullied by her schoolmates and she recalled how her father was there to comfort her. When it was starting to get physical, Ianne depended on the fact that her parents would always defend her.

But it appears as though finding love is quite a challenge for this smart lady. Don’t get us wrong, Ianne has many suitors because she is beautiful. However, it’s maintaining them that’s the hardest part. When they found out about her transition, they would run for the hills!






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